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02/20/2003 Entry: "just a phase..."

I'm excited to announce that star-gazers is now hosting the Brandon Boyd fanlisting! Glendy is awesome, and I am so happy to be hosting her. :)

I am still looking for some hostees.

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This really isnt a comment i just wasnt sure how else to get a hold of you.....julissa http://star-gazers.net/jewelz told me you helped her set up greymatter and i am havin some problems so if you could contact me i would greatly appreciate it AIM: PaHoTpImPa200214 ICQ: 163246923 or yahoo: josh200669 or by email thanks
       Posted by Josh Sutton @ 03/06/2003 06:08 PM EST

yuuummyyyyy! i love that pic of michelle and the main pic tooo!! :)your site is really yummy!!! :)yah wanna linkex? :)
       Posted by karla @ 03/02/2003 03:54 PM EST

Aww shucks lol thanks for the warm welcome, Dani. Also I got that 88x31 button you asked for:

       Posted by Glendy @ 02/20/2003 01:55 AM EST

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