What i'm looking for
     people 18+
     fansites *this can be music/tv/celebrity*
     personal sites
     good html skills
     good design/graphics

What you get
     you.star-gazers.net or star-gazers.net/you
     5 MB space *more is negotiable*
     2 pop3 emails *more is negotiable - email forwarders are also available*
     your own FTP account
     your own CGI bin
     PHP access
     blog powered by movable type installed *upon request*
     1 mailing list

     NO porn, racist, or discriminatory sites *don't even waste your time submitting*
     NO mp3s, warez, video or other files which can be considered illegal
     NO bulletin board software *it takes up too much bandwidth, if needed, i can provide a forum for you on star-gazers' forum*

Don't bother...
     if... your site is purely a web journal *i'm looking for CONTENT here*
     if... your site is devoted to britney, nsync <insertfakesinger/grouphere> *there are enough of those out there*
     if... you make your site using aol's pagemaker
     if... you don't know how to use ftp, and are not willing to learn
     if... you are going to use a domain redirect *i'm paying a lot to host my domain.. why get your's free??*

I will make exceptions for some of the sites I'm looking for, for instance, age and site content. However, I will NOT bend on the rules.

Interested? Please send an email to Dani with a sample of your work (a current site would be nice), what your website's subject will be, and why you think I should host you.

Good Luck :)