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03/11/2003 Entry: "cam portal"

I decided to add a cam portal to star-gazers.

Star-gazers.net Cam Portal

Go join! It is a CLEAN portal, absolutely no nudity.

I'd like to give a warm welcome to Shauna, who brings us her amazing site, Sweet Surrender.

Also new to star-gazers is Anni with her fanlisting for "Without You", a song by Silverchair. Great song, I recommend you download it, if you haven't heard it already.

My friend, Laura, has a new domain. goodbyesanity.org is awesome, go visit!

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Replies: 2 Abductees

hello :P. i love your site - its really cute! <3 xx
       Posted by sami @ 04/12/2003 10:18 AM EST

Hey Dani!! hehe thats weird saying hey dani, its like saying hi to myself! Love ya site bub :)

Dani xx <-- hehe
       Posted by Dani @ 03/18/2003 03:46 AM EST

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