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12/31/2003 Entry: "Shoutcast"

Star-gazer's now has it's own little radio station. If any hostees have winamp, and would like to have your own broadcast, email me for more info. The radio station will be running whenever I have my own music playing, until more people want to broadcast. :)

To listen, or see what's playing, just go to: http://x.star-gazers.net:8026

Replies: 3 Abductees

who votes to hear slipknot?
       Posted by sital @ 06/12/2004 02:21 AM EST

oh that is so cool!
       Posted by Xtasy @ 03/19/2004 04:37 PM EST

great site... I love it.. PLUS THATS SOO COOL you have a lil radio station keep up the great work!!!
       Posted by fahad @ 02/27/2004 05:19 AM EST

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