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10/21/2003 Entry: "yeah yeah, still here"

I am still alive. I am hoping to do something new with this domain, something that might show the domain isn't dead forever. Keep a lookout.

Note to hostees: If you are having any problems logging into your ftp, please let me know, I will try to get everything fixed ASAP.

Replies: 3 Abductees

Merry Christmas!
       Posted by Douglas @ 12/25/2003 09:27 AM EST

eep. =p im alive too!~ see ya soon.. hope the domain gets a brand new look too.. =)
       Posted by star @ 11/25/2003 09:56 PM EST

Hi! I haven't been around much either. Right now I'm putting up a new design for Sweet Surrender. So, when it's up come check it out. I can't wait to see what you do with your domain soon too. :)
       Posted by Shauna @ 10/22/2003 01:37 AM EST

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