Star-gazers.net was registered August 2000 after the fall of silversky.net (now owned by someone else). Silversky was formed by Amber, Ann Marie and Dani. Soon we took on hosting the lovely Tinna and Eric became another partial owner. After a while, we all lost interest / became too busy with school and work / or got our own domains. Dani (that's me) decided to buy star-gazers.net.

The name star-gazers comes from a Roswell fan group. Star gazers are alex (rip) and Isabel supporters. I thought it was perfect to show my love for Roswell.. without totally becoming a Roswell site.

Past layouts
This was the first layout I was working on. I never finished it, deciding that I wasn't happy enough with it. Ver1: This is the second layout I started (and finished, woo) I actually LIKED this layout.
Ver2: I decided to go with lighter colors with this one. I liked my old layout, but the black just started to annoy me after a while. Ver3: This layout features my favorite singer, Michelle Branch. I like it, it'll be here a while, lol.